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Professional WordPress Website Management Services

Ongoing Website Management Service

Whether We Build Your Site Or Not We Can Still Do Your WordPress Management To Keep You Safe

WordPress Is A Brilliant Website Platform
But It Needs Regular Management For Security & Efficiency

Having A Great Website Is Only Part of a Restaurant’s Needs

Even if you have a well-designed website and you meet all the modern needs, it can quickly become out of date. You need

  • To keep up to date with search patterns of customers
  • Ensure your website maintains its security
  • Work with Google on Google My Business
  • Regularly update content

A static website does not meet the ongoing requirements to keep you at the head of the search queue. It may have been ideal when first built but it needs to change as customers’ tastes change and Google’s requirements change. It needs to be managed.

What We Offer With All Our Website Designs For Restaurants

Website Security

We check site vulnerabilities and correct them to minimise the risk of hacking and make your WordPress website safe.

We upgrade themes and plugins automatically to reduce vulnerability and increase site efficiency

Login Details and Upgrades

We’ll generate a secure login page that means hackers stand a substantially reduced chance of finding a way in.

Remove Excess Revisions

We’ll check on all post revisions and remove them to reduce the load time, disk usage and vulnerability

SEO Advice

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engines to track crawler access and index it.

Affordable Monthly Fee

All our WordPress Management Services are charged at an affordable monthly fee that every business can afford

How The WordPress Website Management System Works

Once you have signed up with us for the system we will need to access your WordPress site just once. We will then upload a special Plugin that will allow us to manage your site remotely without the need to access it again for this purpose. At this stage we will also create a full off-site backup of your old system in case of unexpected issues.

To put your mind at rest we have never had a failure after several hundreds of upgrades, but we like to be on the safe side nevertheless.

We then check everything on your site that needs upgrading and carry it out immediately. It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is the process is the same.

Thereafter we will check your site twice each week (or more frequently if there is a major change) and clean it or upgrade when necessary to ensure all themes, plugins together with any WP changes, will never be out of date to minimise the chances of failure or security risks.

Running out of date components on any website is putting that site at risk from hackers and operating flaws. Our service ensure any risk is minimised.

Benefits To You

We bring years of design experience and security knowledge to help create, re-create or make safe any WordPress website.

Getting your website management right tskes time and expertise that few business owners possess. So just sit back and let us get on with managing your website safely and securely while you concentrate on working on managing your restaurant business

General Questions

We have been working with SME companies for 20+ years and designing websites for 10+

Hackers don’t necessarily hack individual sites. They have automated everything and blanket attack sites, thousands per hour worldwide.

It’s nothing personal but they use hacked sites to steal data, divert online payments and to send huge volumes of spam emails, often for illegal activities and put YOU not them at risk from being blacklisted.

There are malicious people also, who are just are out to destroy sites with no particular motive other than they can.

Having out of date components make this all more possible to achieve.

We work with our customers to plan what they want to achieve from their website and build it. So pretty much all of them are happy with their results.

For our standard WordPress Management Service we charge a monthly fee that starts at £90. For websire re-build or build we need to know what the customer wants, but our pricing is extremely competitive

We initially review your site on Day1 and then manage upgrades and optimisation on a bi-weekly basis saving you time and money if you had to do it yourself

Because we have extensive technical knowledge and vast experience and we have created software that automates many of the tasks for our team. So we pass theses savings on to you.

Don't Forget Our Irresistible Website Design

We don’t just build (or re-build) great websites, we also build a relationship with our website customers. We take the time to discover what you need from your website and set about delivering it so your online presence is as good as your are at your business.

Every business recognises its need for a website in the 21st century, but not everyone knows why it is so valuable. A website reflects your business standards in the eyes of a customer, fairly or unfairly, but is a fact of modern business. If you advertise anywhere, even in the local newspaper classifieds, then potential customer will want to research you before doing business with you and that will inevitably be through a website.

If you have a bad website and this happens, you will never know how many potential customers you have lost or how good (or bad) your advertising has been. If that is you, upgrade it now – your business deserves it.

Website Re-design - A Speciality

Modern website design demands so much more than before.

Perhaps you built your site yourself or had someone else do it, but now it has become old-fashioned, bloated and clunky so needs to be uprated to a modern website design standard, but you do not have the time or technical know-how to do it.

No worries. We can do all that AND without your existing website ever needing to be offline.

Our totally unique way of uprating a WordPress website means each individual page of your website is re-designed offline so you can approve it before it is uploaded to your website.

With a monthly payment schedule based on existing content and no downtime, if you need an upgrades of your existing WordPress website, look no further.

WordPress Website Building Expertise

G;poucestershire restaurants

We review any WordPress website and offer ways to improve its design and impact

We Can Build One From Scratch Too Of Course That Includes All The Security Features

We know how to make a WordPress website work

Everything we do is affordable

Because we have worked with small businesses for over 20 years, we know what the needs of SMEs are.

No Bull

Fair Pricing

Minimum Input

“Small business owners are too busy running their business to worry about learning the necessary technical skills for managing their website. So we do it for them at a price they can afford”

The Admin Team
WordPress Management

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