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Why Your Restaurant Could Benefit From A Website Redesign

A great restaurant website design is not just beautiful, but effective as well.

While some restaurant website designers focus strictly on the visual aspects, which can be tempting to do when dealing with restaurants and food, others may simply focus on creating a simple and useful website that is straight to the point.

An effective website for restaurants blends both the visual aspects and usefulness into one design. This is not so easy to do and as a result most restaurants are sadly lacking in a proper presentation of their web presence.

The ideal restaurant website design allows customers to find information like menus (which you can add to or amend in seconds), location, hours of operation and contact info easily without too much distraction. However the customer must also get a sense of what this restaurant is about, their atmosphere, service and quality of food through the design aspects of the website.

Why Your Website
Must Be Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of all website searches are done on a mobile device and this figure increases daily. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out on this potential traffic.

In addition, Google penalises websites that are not mobile friendly so ranking becomes extremely difficult

Upgrade Your Website To Meet Today's Exacting Standards

Customers visiting a website are far more discerning in the modern business world. It is no longer good enough to just have a website.

  • Your website must be Mobile Friendly
  • It must be easy to navigate
  • It requires quality images that tell a story
  • It must be fast loading

In addition to be found by Google and the other search engines it must have the right content, the right keywords and meet the requirements Google needs to index a website. Of your website does not have this criteria it will languish in the depths and never be found.

  • Impress Your Customers
  • Present Your Menu
  • Show Testimonials
  • Work on Every Device
  • Keep Up To Date
  • Secure Your Site
  • Upgrade Technology
  • Be Found on Search Engines
  • Promote By Video
  • Market Yourself on Facebook
  • Use Social Media
  • Build a Mailing List

Every restaurant needs to have a website
that impresses potential customers.

In the modern business world appearance is everything and almost everyone looks up a business on the internet before doing anything with them and restuarants are no exception. Next to personal recommendation a website is everything to a restaurant business. If you setup your restaurant website properly you can benefit greatly from testimonials and recommendations from existing and previous customers.

Recommendations carry more weight in decision making than almost anything

A website shows your restuarant in a way you want it to be see. A well designed and informative site will take customers to the next stage as it reflects the quality of your business, rightly or wrongly. People perceive a poor website as a poor business.

Feedback and Testimonials From Existing Customers – One Of The Most Valuable Assests

To setup a website to accept comments and recommendations from clients and customers you need a content management system (CMS) as most static sites do not have that facility unless you spend a small fortune on its construction.

This is why we choose WordPress as our base system to redesign our restaurant websites. It has all the flexibility a business owner needs to establish interaction with its customers,

As experts in WP design and management we can create something very special and individual for your dining out business.

Website Management

Having A Great Website Is Only Part of a Restaurant’s Needs

Even if you have a well-designed website and you meet all the modern needs, it can quickly become out of date. You need

  • To keep up to date with search patterns of customers
  • Ensure your website maintains its security
  • Work with Google on Google My Business
  • Regularly update content

A static website does not meet the ongoing requirements to keep you at the head of the search queue. It may have been ideal when first built but it needs to change as customers’ tastes change and Google’s requirements change. It needs to be managed. MORE…

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